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  • We Care... For Your Pets!
  • We Care... For Your Pets!

Who We Are

A few words about us...

The connection we share with our pets stretches far beyond the spoken word. It touches our very souls and makes us better humans.

At Firth Veterinary Hospital, we consider it a true honor to strengthen that bond and help you both enjoy many years of happy, healthy companionship.

In fact, this is the driving force behind everything we do.

London ON veterinarian | South London ON veterinarian

Our services are designed to support all of your loved one’s needs, from routine checkups to advanced medicine.

More importantly, we make it a point to deliver our care in a way that focuses on each patient as a unique individual.

That means taking the time to get to know your pet on a personal level and developing a sense of trust.

As a result, you can be confident that your four-legged family member will always receive the most precise and effective care available at each visit.

We’ve been proudly serving the London and South London, ON communities for more than 40 years and we welcome you to join us. If compassionate care and a lifelong partnership are what you seek, why not give us a try?

Our doors are always open to new clients, we invite you to come and meet our team!

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