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Hospital Administrator & General Manager

Nicole was born with a passion for Veterinary Medicine. She learned the ropes of the profession very early in life. By age 21 she had learned and worked all positions of the hospital (except for DVM). In 1996, she became the Hospital Administrator and General Manager. Since then, she has been key in facilitating gold-standard care to the Pets and Pet Owners of London ever since!

Nicole attended St. Lawrence College to complete the Veterinary Practice Management Program. She effectively combines her education and wealth of practical experience to provide the best possible care for the area’s Pet Owners. Nicole is particularly passionate about developing a team filled with excitement and positive influence to effectively deliver amazing care to the Patients and Clients of FVH. She still thrives in spending time “up close and personal” with the hospital’s clients, patients and staff to stay in touch with the ongoing needs of both clients and patients as well as the practice. Continuing education conferences and seminars are also important to ensure she continues growing and thriving both personally and professionally.

Nicole resides in London with her husband and their two young daughters, Livia and Lexxi. As a family, they love going for walks and spending plenty of time outdoors. Nicole also enjoys playing the piano, singing, photography, exercising, and staying active in her church community.

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Client Advocate

Danielle was very young when she decided that she would one day work hands-on with animals. She’s always wanted to devote herself to bettering the lives of not only pets, but the people who care for them as well. That’s why Danielle became a veterinary professional! She’s a proud member of Firth Veterinary Hospital’s Client Advocate team.

Danielle is a London native and graduated with honors from Sheridan College’s animal care program. She launched her career at a local boarding facility, where she would care for pets for six years. When the time came for a change, Danielle knew that she wanted to transition into a hospital setting—she jumped at the chance to join the Firth Veterinary Hospital family, and she’s been a part of the clinic team since July of 2018.

Here at the hospital, Danielle finds that she loves soaking up knowledge from the clinic’s support staff and veterinarians, and she especially likes watching puppies and kittens grow and mature over time. Danielle’s favourite part of her job, though, is getting to know clients and patients on a personal level.

Away from the office, Danielle enjoys boating and hiking in the outdoors, practicing hot yoga, riding roller coasters, and spending quality time with her family, boyfriend, and dogs. She has three canine companions: Archie, a Bichon Frise/Poodle mix who volunteered alongside Danielle as a therapy dog; Greta the lovable and loyal Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix; and a purebred Beagle, Hazel, whose favourite pastimes include making new friends at the dog park and sleeping under the covers every night.

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Medical Assistant

Katie always knew that no matter what career path she chose, she wanted to be able to help people. Her passion for bettering the lives of others coupled with her lifelong adoration of animals made one option very clear: veterinary medicine. Katie is proud to help the area’s families and their furry companions as a member of the Firth Veterinary Hospital care team!

Katie is a native of London and first joined the Firth Veterinary Hospital team as part of her cooperative career placement program in high school. When her placement ended, she was more than happy to stay on-staff here at the hospital and continue to help the area’s pets and animal owners! Katie loves soaking up all the knowledge she can from the clinic’s talented support staff and veterinarians—she learns something new on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Katie can be found rollerblading, reading, or spending quality time with her family and pets. She has a feisty dog named Chico—he is quite good at getting himself into trouble, and recently squeezed under the backyard fence and went on his own small adventure—as well as a cuddle-loving hamster named Ash.

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Client Advocate Manager

When Terra started looking for a career change, she knew she wanted something that promoted a positive, family-oriented environment. Since she had always worked closely with other people, she also knew that a career that involved helping others would be ideal. Here at Firth Veterinary Hospital, she gets both of those perks, plus an added bonus: the satisfaction of caring for the Pets and owners of the London area!

Terra was born here in London, but grew up in the small nearby town of Dutton, Ontario. She worked in various fields before deciding to make a change—when she saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a position in a veterinary hospital, Terra knew it was the perfect fit! She became a member of the Firth Veterinary Hospital family in October of 2007 and couldn’t be happier. Terra especially enjoys welcoming New Clients & Patients to the hospital, and getting to know owners’ beloved Pet companions. She also enjoys setting up canine obedience classes for Dr. Firth!

Terra currently lives in St. Thomas with her husband Jeff and their young daughter Paige. When she isn’t spending quality time with her family and friends or tending to the needs of London’s Pets here at the hospital, Terra loves to enjoy the great outdoors including visits to the beach. She also enjoys being an active part of the London Down Syndrome Association Family.

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Medical Assistant

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Registered Veterinary Technician, Medical Advocate

Rachel grew up in the country and developed a passion for pet care early on in life. Upon securing her co-op career placement at a local veterinary clinic during high school, one thing became certain: the veterinary industry was the perfect fit for Rachel!

After her co-op placement, Rachel attended the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown campus to earn her certification in veterinary technology. She worked on several farms, tending to cows, pigs, and horses, before transitioning into the practice setting. Rachel joined the Firth Veterinary Hospital team in February of 2012, where she particularly enjoys assisting with surgeries and keeping up-to-date on the latest emerging surgical trends. Most of all, Rachel loves talking with clients and educating them on the best possible ways to care for their four-legged family members.

Rachel is currently in the process of changing career paths to broaden her knowledge and studying in the human practical nursing program at Fanshawe College. When she has time between her busy school and work schedules, she likes playing sports and enjoying the company of her family pets. Abby is a chocolate Lab who loves to eat everything; Alice is a rescued domestic shorthaired cat; and Lucifer is a domestic longhaired cat who showed up on the night of Rachel’s mother’s 40th birthday party and simply never left!

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Registered Veterinary Technician & Pet Advocate

Although Taylor grew up knowing that she had a deep-seated passion for animals, she didn’t consider the veterinary path until she began logging more than 500 volunteer hours at a local feline shelter. She came to realize that her shift at the shelter was what she looked forward to every single day—why not continue pursuing her love of animal care, Taylor thought, by becoming a veterinary professional?

Taylor is from St. Thomas, Ontario, and started volunteering at a local veterinary clinic shortly after her time at the feline facility. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she wanted to become a Veterinary Technician—that’s when she gained acceptance to Northern College’s Veterinary Technician program and moved seven hours from home to start her collegiate studies.

Taylor was thrilled to join the Firth Veterinary Hospital family in June of 2017. She serves the area’s pets and animal owners as a Registered Veterinary Technician and Junior Medical Advocate, and has special interests in laboratory microscopic work, dentistry, and surgical procedures. She’s also fond of the way her job constantly keeps her on her toes!

In her free time, Taylor enjoys exercising, volunteering, trying out new vegetarian, vegan, and cruelty-free foods and products, and spending quality time with her own pets at home. She and her boyfriend live with three rescued cats—Tiger, Toby, and Ceaser—as well as a dog, Miko, and a grumpy hedgehog named Leo.

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Medical Assistant

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Client Advocate & Medical Assistant

Amber pursued several different career paths over the past few years, but always came back to the same question—could she really see herself doing it for the rest of her life? After much soul-searching, Amber came back to something she’s always found comfort in: animals. That’s when she decided to dive headfirst into veterinary medicine!

A Saskatchewan native, Amber moved to the London area in 2010 for her husband’s job, and it wasn’t long before she decided to enroll in Ridgetown College as a long-distance student. Currently, Amber is studying to become a Registered Veterinary Technician while she gains crucial hands-on experience here at Firth Veterinary Hospital. She gets to put her customer-service background to good use as a Client Advocate, and her favorite part of the job is meeting new pets and animal owners every single day.

Aside from her veterinary interests, Amber is fond of painting, drawing, theatre and drama, traveling (she and her husband were married in Iceland!), exercising, trying out delicious new vegan dishes, and enjoying the company of her family at home. She and her husband live in London with their beloved and quirky dog, Watson.

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Amy W.

Veterinary Technician

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Client Advocate and Administrative Assistant

Wendy brought home all sorts of animals throughout her childhood years growing up in Woodstock—she even had a crow, a raccoon, and a parrot! Being able to combine her lifelong love for pets with her extensive background in customer service is a dream come true! Wendy is proud to serve as one of Firth Veterinary Hospital’s Client Advocates.

After enjoying her time in a variety of careers—Wendy served as a vocational rehabilitation worker, a travel consultant and manager, and a territorial marketing merchandiser!—she joined the team here at Firth Veterinary Hospital to launch her journey in animal medicine. Wendy finds that her favourite part of the job is the diversity it brings; she gets to greet a wide variety of pet and human personalities, and she continues to learn something new every day.

Away from the office, Wendy likes relaxing at the beach and going for walks and hikes with her dog. She and her husband have three children and share their home with three animal companions: Odis, a Border Collie who never fails to demand his walk on a nightly basis; Elsa the tomcat; and a shy Calico cat named Frazzle.

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