How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Is your dog making your yard look like a construction site? Dogs have many wonderful qualities that make them wonderful friends and companions, but their gardening skills leave a lot to be desired. Digging can be addressed, but before you can correct your pet’s bad habits, you’ll need to determine why he’s digging in the first place. Below, a London, ON vet discusses Fido’s mining hobby.


Is Fido digging in straight lines? If so, he may be trying to reach a small animal that is tunneling under your yard. Use humane pest-control methods to get rid of rodents and other critters.


Take a look at your dog’s outdoor area. Does Fido have toys to play with? If not, your pooch may be bored. Make sure your pet has lots of suitable playthings. You can even make him a fun doggy play zone!


Sometimes dogs dig to try and get out. If Fido is intact, he may want to go searching for love. We recommend getting your pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Your dog may also simply want a change of scenery. Walk Fido every day, and take him to new places.

Excess Energy

Is your canine buddy a furry ball of zoom? Is Fido’s normal pace a full-out gallop? If so, your pet may have too much pent-up energy. Give your pup plenty of toys, and play with him every day. You may also want to get Fido an automated ball launcher. (Note: because automated ball launchers use tennis balls, which can present a choking hazard to big pooches, they aren’t safe for large breeds.)


Fido could also be digging to seek relief from heat, cold, or insects. Make sure your pet’s outdoor zone offers ample shelter, shade, and water. If your yard is infested with fleas, you’ll need to take steps to get rid of these unwanted guests.

Pirate Tendencies

Your pet could also be digging to stash toys or treats. In this case, the best approach is the ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ one: build your four-legged pirate a sandbox, and put toys in it for him. If Fido knows where the goodies are, he may leave the rest of the yard alone.

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